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Expectation in the real estate sector due to the revision of the rent law

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Massa called yesterday to discuss in Congress a new rental law that provides certainty to the owner and “guarantees and peace of mind” to the tenant, after warning that the rule that came into effect on July 1 of last year failed.

Along the same lines, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, considered that the Rentals law is “one of the many failures of the PRO, like the UVA credits”, and argued that “having a national rental law it is not a viable tool, but each jurisdiction should have its own regulation. “

Bennazar said that “real estate brokers have suitable and trained people to contribute and make a better law; we believe that a work table will be built.”

He considered that to improve the law “the update should be with a salary value coefficient” and “return to a two-year contract,” and argued that “the salary index plus inflation generated an index that yesterday was above 50%.”

Likewise, he considered it necessary to return to the semi-annual update of rents and “not apply them after one year because in the family economy there is no financial education to foresee a one-time impact.”

He also pointed out a “what has to do with guarantees, you have to give the owner the option to choose the different guarantees.”

For his part, one of the promoters of the current law, Cambiemos deputy Daniel Lipovetsky, assured that the regulations “came into force at a difficult time, on July 1 of last year, at a time that the Government had decided to freeze rents due to the pandemic, from then on the market was distorted. “

“In a context of very high inflation, the update method that the law provides is a very high increase, it is a method that unfortunately did not work; the update method does not work and must be changed,” he added.

The deputy affirmed that “in the original project (the increase) was semiannual, not annual, it was modified in the debate and it is one of the points that I think has made the law not have the correct effect.”

Asked about what will happen to the rental contracts if the Government decides to suspend the current law, he said that “it will be necessary to see if the Government really makes this decision, if it does, it has to foresee what will happen to the contracts that have been signed during the validity, and the rest will enter into what the Government foresees in that case. “

“I think a review of the law in Congress is easier than a unilateral measure by the Executive”, he remarked.

For his part, the real estate broker Oscar Puebla considered in dialogue with Télam that “the problem of access to own or rented housing remains unsolved”, and considered it necessary to also analyze mechanisms “to improve the values ​​of the locations.”

Meanwhile Miguel Di Maggio, director of the real estate Depa, analyzed that if it is modified “it will be very difficult if the willingness of the parties to sit down and agree on an increase every six months returns, that the owner is not going to ask for an increase that closes by 50% or 25% semi-annually. “

For his part, the businessman of the sector Sebastián Cantero affirmed that “the Law of Rentals was an absolute failure” and that “happily now the president of the Chamber of Deputies is going to carry out the modification of the law that all he did was get the owners to take the properties off the market. “

Real estate advisor Daniel Zampone said that the current law “is clear that it did not work, a change must be generated that could be a repeal or modification, it would also be necessary to make a table of suitable professionals and see what is the best.”

On the other hand, the national coordinator of Tenants, Cecilia Pereyra, recalled that “when the law was made, in order to have consensus, a point had to be drawn that was fundamental, which was to regulate prices, what we need is to regulate prices,” he emphasized .

In addition, he warned that “there is a point in the law that was never finished promulgating, which are the enforcement bodies; we have no place for defense bodies, everything is set by the real estate market.”

Inquilinos Agrupados, meanwhile, issued a statement in which he stated that “what failed is the housing policy of the Ministry of Territorial Development”, and that “the Rent Law is a great advance in terms of rights for tenants and the tenants, what failed is the control of the State regarding its application “.

“Families that rent do not make ends meet, and that is not because of the Rent Law. To think of going backwards is to give in to the real estate market and leave unprotected the vulnerable sector that this law comes to protect in the midst of an economic crisis, unprecedented social and housing “, concluded the group represented by Gervasio Muñoz.

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