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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Taxes: Minister of Finance rejects new corona subsidies

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Christian Lindner does not want to continue the previous Corona aid. Nevertheless, the economy should continue to be supported after the crisis – but with other measures.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has expressed skepticism about new spending programs to fight the Corona crisis.

“During the pandemic, we got used to high government services. This phase must end, »said the FDP politician of the «Welt am Sonntag». This year, the scope is already tight. In 2023, the situation will become even more challenging due to the return to the debt brake. “That’s why I see the promotion of new bonuses, subsidies and programs critically.” You can’t solve everything with money in the long run.

Tax law instead of subsidies

Lindner answered a question about a bonus for corona vaccinations. “There are no considerations in the federal government,” he said. He thinks it is more urgent to seek people’s insight and to upgrade the infrastructure.

With a view to the economy, Lindner announced a Corona tax law that is to be launched soon. This should make it possible, for example, to offset current losses against previous tax gains. “This is important for many companies.” He will also propose extending the flat rate for working from home and giving more time for filing tax returns.

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