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Pietro Lombardi: “My biggest fan is my son!”

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Pietro Lombardi starts his tour in Dortmund on November 25th. In the interview he raves about his son Alessio, who is his “biggest fan”.

The number of corona cases is rising again, but Pietro Lombardi (29) is brave and goes through his tour: The start of his concerts is the show in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund on Thursday (25 November). After that, until shortly before Christmas, things will go to Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, among others. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Lombardi tells whether his son Alessio (6) will visit him on his tour and how he is celebrating Christmas this year. He also talks about his social media break, which was a “right and important decision” for him.

Planning and organizing a tour is very brave in times of Corona with rising numbers of cases. How optimistic are you that everything will work out?

Pietro Lombardi: The safety of my fans, my crew and everyone involved on site is my top priority. We have been in constant contact with the authorities for weeks in order to guarantee the highest possible security standard for all fans. We have already switched all concerts to 2G +. Of course, we also keep an eye on the increasing number of cases and if the authorities say we are not allowed to play, then we do not play. We respect every decision that ensures greater security.

We can only go through the tour if everything is safe and we have planned it 100 percent safely and everything else is out of our hands. We trust that the authorities are best able to assess the situation. The concert in Leipzig, for example, has been canceled. That makes me extremely sad, but we have to respect that. It is also exactly the right decision! We’re trying to catch up on the show as soon as possible so that we can all have a nice, carefree time together again

What is special about the shows on the tour? What can the fans look forward to?

Lombardi: The special thing about the shows is that you get to know Lombardi from a completely different perspective, more intimate, more private, and I pack that into my stage show. You don’t get that at normal shows, for example. My Lombardi family has accompanied me through so many times, right from the start. So I want to give something back to them with this show. The fans can look forward to a very entertaining Pietro Lombardi show. That means everything is included from A to Z. I am looking forward to going on a journey through my career with everyone and I will give everything to ensure that we have a nice evening. And everyone else that I unfortunately can’t see this year, I’m looking forward to next year! We stick together!

A big tour is usually very stressful. Where do you find your balance? Does your son Alessio visit you on tour?

Lombardi: When I can talk to my son on the phone, I forget all the stress of the tour. These are the moments that give me strength. But honestly, this tour is about positive stress. I’m on the road with my crew, who have since become like my family. My friends are there and support me wherever they can. I am in good hands and look forward to everything that comes next.

We’ll see if Alessio can be there. With school and some shows during the week it is of course difficult, but at the weekend I can already imagine that the little one will be there and take part in dad’s show. As proud as I am of him, he is also proud of me. My biggest fan is my son! It’s unbelievable, he can just do the lyrics better than me.

In September you stated that you had lost yourself in the past few months. How are you today?

Lombardi: It was just a turbulent month. I think we all did. But i’m fine It was a right and important decision to take a break. I am an absolute friend of always reflecting on myself and calming down a bit. I’ve given it full throttle for eleven years since the start of my career. Of course I had a lot of fun with everything, but of course I was constantly under power, pressure, all sorts of things, and my body just needed a little break.

That’s why I can only advise all my fans: If you have the feeling that you have just reached a point where you realize that you are no longer with yourself, then take a break. This will help you to gather new strength for everything that is to come.

Who or what was particularly helpful to you during these difficult times?

Lombardi: Of course my friends, my family and Alessio too! These people are my haven of calm and they keep bringing me down. With them I know that I am not the Pietro Lombardi of the public, but that I am seen as a person, father and friend.

What is your advice to people who are going through a similar down phase?

Lombardi: You should focus and concentrate on yourself and switch off the outside world for a moment. In those moments I asked myself a lot of questions: What is really important in life? Where are the real values? That helped me a lot to get started again with new strength.

Do you now also take smaller social media breaks more often?

Lombardi: I don’t put any more pressure on myself with social media. If I want to post, then I post. If not, then not! I’m not a classic influencer. I communicate via social media to keep in touch with my fans. I love sharing with them. But sometimes it is also important to put your cell phone aside and live in the moment.

You will be on tour until just before Christmas. How are you going to spend the holidays?

Lombardi: On Christmas Eve we are in the family in a small circle. Everyone is there. Alessio, Sarah, the whole family and me. On December 25th I am always with my family in Karlsruhe. I always enjoy this time very much. It’s always a little like time in the world has stood still.

Do you have any special traditions that you maintain year after year?

Lombardi: We don’t have any real traditions. We just all sit together, talk, laugh, and of course eat. And not only Alessio is looking forward to the gifts. It’s just always a nice togetherness.

Next year you will be the team captain of “Catch! The German Championship in Catching”. Are you excited yet? What do you expect?

Lombardi: I already know the show a bit, so I’m not excited, but I’m still very excited. I’m really happy to be there and I advise the opposing team not to underestimate me. We’ll see who can run the fastest here (laughs).

Source From: Stern


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