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Friday, November 26, 2021

No way home ‘launches the Daily Bugle’s TikTok account

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The promotion of the great premieres has changed in recent years. Before, a trailer and several posters were enough to promote a movie, while today, marketing and advertising agencies squeeze your creativity, trying to drag the maximum number of spectators to the rooms. This is largely due to to the paradigm shift in audiovisual consumption, where the public is reluctant to go to the cinema and increasingly prone to consume content via streaming. Because of the hype that exists around Spider-Man: No way home We might think that no special type of communication is necessary to supercharge its premiere. Nevertheless, Sony and Disney they have given the green light to a TikTok account from Daily Bugle, the newspaper that runs Jonah Jameson within the arachnid universe. The new social network joins the others already used by the production (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube y Facebook) for the communication of the fictitious medium.

In the first video of this new account appears Betty Brant (Angourie Rice) como the new intern of the Daily Bugle. The newspaper is known to fans, due to the constant fixation of its director J. Jonah Jameson for smearing the image of Spider-Man. Therefore, we find it difficult to believe the character of Brant when in the post he promises “Bring fair, balanced and forceful news”. The passion and enthusiasm that the new intern seems to have, will wear off sooner rather than later, when she realizes that the Bugle has little of a middle ground.

At the end of Spider-man far from home, a JK Simmons returning to the role of Jameson revealed the real identity of the wall-crawler, thanks to the confession of the mystery villain (Jake Gyllenhaal) In the second video we see how Brant’s opinion, being a friend of Parker, differs from the ideal of the New York newspaper, so the young woman’s statements are cut so that Jameson can give his brief and well-known opinion on Spider-man.

Finally, the account of TikTok del Daily Bugle encourages that with the background of the news, followers can create their own news. A good way to interact with Marvel fans. Spider-Man: No way home It will be released in theaters around the world next December 17.

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