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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Fritz Wepper: He’s not allowed to see his wife

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Fritz Wepper is recovering from a cancer operation – but recently his wife can no longer stand by him.

Fritz Wepper (80) and his wife Susanne Kellermann (47) are currently no longer allowed to see each other could have been prevented, “said the actor’s wife.

Wepper has been recovering from cancer surgery in a rehab clinic for some time. Due to the worsening corona pandemic, stricter rules have been in effect in the clinic for two weeks. A clinic spokeswoman said, according to “Bild”, that in order to protect patients, there is currently a ban on visiting wards that are particularly medically sensitive. Even if they, like Wepper and his wife, have already been vaccinated three times.

He’ll be out in early December

But the separation doesn’t last long. At the beginning of December, Wepper was allowed to leave the clinic, his wife said: “It’s unbelievable the strength with which he fought his way back.” He would have a lot of life energy and joy in him.

Fritz Wepper and the camerawoman and director have been married since 2020, but have been on / off together for much longer. The two have a daughter who was born in 2011.

Source From: Stern


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