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Friday, November 26, 2021

Kanye West admits “unacceptable mistakes as a husband”

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At a Thanksgiving homeless event, rapper Kanye West found remorseful words about his failed marriage to Kim Kardashian and admitted “unacceptable mistakes” as a husband.

While Kim Kardashian is dating comedian Pete Davidson and they were both spotted holding hands at dinner in an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, still-husband Kanye West is now publicly showing remorse. At the Los Angeles Mission’s Annual Thanksgiving Event, the rapper gave a two-minute speech about his marriage and the current family situation. The 44-year-old also insisted on an allusion to the advances between Kardashian and Davidson.

“If an enemy can tear Kimye apart, then that is the wrong signal for millions of separated couples and a breakup is okay. But if God brings Kimye back together, it could influence everyone and convey that work can save a relationship. But also, that you can work on trauma that the devil uses to keep people in horrific life situations while other people step over the homeless to go to the Gucci store, “said the singer.

Whether self-knowledge is the first path to recovery or whether the fate of Kimye lies in God’s hands was not clear from the spontaneous address by Kanye West. But what you could hear was that the musician has not yet given up hope for a happy ending.

Kanye West admits mistakes

The famous Hollywood couple split up about a year ago. West moved out of the house they shared, but stayed nearby so that they could continue to be there for the four children they shared. Kardashian filed for divorce papers in February, but at the Thanksgiving event in Los Angeles, the musician declared, “We’re not divorced, I’ve never seen the papers!”

The wish of his wife Kim Kardashian West for a separation and even a divorce for the 44-year-old is no coincidence: “We made mistakes. I made mistakes. I even made mistakes publicly that are unacceptable for a husband, but starting today, for whatever reason, I’ll change the course of history. “


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