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What did Nicole Neumann say about Mica Viciconte’s pregnancy?

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When the chronicler asked Nicole about the news, she replied: “Yes, I wish you the best, a baby is always welcome. If the father of my daughters is happy, my daughters who are the most important thing in my life will be happy ”.

At one point in the story, the journalist asked him: “Could this news improve the relationship between you?”

And Neumann assured: “I continue to enjoy my moment, a great moment at work, happy with my daughters, a great moment in love”, referring to his courtship with Manu Urcera.

In addition, Nicole said that she already knew about the pregnancy: “Yes, I knew, I knew. They (for their daughters) always wanted a little brother. Surely my daughters will want to give him a gift when he is born ”.

Some days ago, Pampita slipped a theory about the arrival of a new member to the life of this family that is not finished assembling. An expert on the subject, she said that this news would be positive for everyone. “Luca is also going to unite them all in another way, because there are brothers of brothers, and he is going to make all the great ones handle themselves with a certain respect. It’s going to do everyone a lot of good. We love seeing Fabián Cubero with a new father and a boy ”, assured the model, who was always at odds with Nicole.

Consulted by the sayings of her colleague, Nicole was categorical: “Well, I hope it is as she said. I knew the news just as well. My daughters always wanted to have a baby brother so they are very happy. They will surely want to buy him something when he is born ”.

Finally, the model launched a wish so that everything can be put back together between her and her ex-husband. “I want peace and the best for my family, so I hope everything is better,” he said.

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