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Seth Meyers: Late-Night-Talker secretly became a father

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Seth Meyers became a father for the third time in September, as he has now revealed. His wife gave birth to a daughter.

The American late night talker Seth Meyers (47) has become a father again. The host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” revealed that together with his family. Meyers’ mother Hillary also explained the name of her son’s third child and who it is named after.

Meyers showed a video of his two sons Axel (3) and Ashe (5), which he has with his wife Alexi, with whom he has been married since 2013. In the clip, the children are disguised as turkeys for the US Thanksgiving Thanksgiving festival. The two frolic on a couch before shaking off with a “One, two, three: surprise!” show her new sister.

“Good gracious!”

“We got another one,” confirms Meyers. “Ten weeks ago my wife gave birth to a girl.” He thinks it would be appropriate for his mother to tell the world what name the little one has. “Oh my goodness! Her name is Adelaide,” explains Hillary, who is sitting next to Meyers’ father Larry and his brother Josh. The girl is named after her mother and the family affectionately call her “Addie”.

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