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Diagnostic podcast: Five years of pain in the foot – a doctor finds the cause

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A woman has had pain in her foot while running for years. A doctor examines it carefully and finds the reason: a spindle-shaped thickening.

A woman has had inexplicable pain in her foot for five years. She feels a stinging and stinging sensation when stepping on it, which prevents her from being physically active. The patient has already seen several specialists, tried physiotherapy and insoles – but nothing could alleviate the pain.

Now the chief physician at the Clinic for Foot and Ankle Surgery takes a closer look at her foot: It is neither swollen nor does the patient have problems mainly when rolling the foot. This rules out joint inflammation. Calluses on the soles of the feet, which indicate excessive stress, are also not visible. The specialist cannot find any evidence of a torn tissue capsule in the metatarsophalangeal joint.

However, she discovers another abnormality: the patient’s second and third toes are spread apart. The woman confirms that this was not always the case and only developed over time. When the examining doctor feels the nerves in the woman’s foot and she winces in pain, the doctor recognizes the cause – and can help her quickly.

“Die Diagnose” – listen to the episodes of the current season

The podcast “Die Diagnose” with Anika Geisler appears every two weeks – on , the platform of RTL Radio Deutschland, and on and . In the seventh season, exciting cases of illness are resolved again:

  • Not enough juice in the battery: A teenage girl often falls asleep during the day. Are nocturnal pauses in breathing to blame? A doctor discovers why the previously prescribed special mask is of no use.

  • Fateful flat share: A baby keeps getting fever and severe diarrhea. A doctor finally finds the reason: he has to do with the roommates.

  • Mint and Rhythm: On the weekends, a man always seems to have gone away. Specialists find out what this has to do with brushing your teeth.

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