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Friday, November 26, 2021

Slovenia: Man can be vaccinated against corona 23 times

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A man in Slovenia had himself vaccinated against corona 23 times. Behind this, however, is not the excessive fear of infection, but rather a fraudulent business.

While most people in Germany are about to have their third corona vaccination, a man in Slovenia has already had 23 of these vaccinations. Local media report that.

Behind the numerous vaccinations, however, there is no excessive fear of a corona infection, but rather “a brazen certificate fraud,” according to Oe24.at. The Slovene is said to have paid to be vaccinated on behalf of other people. In order to be vaccinated, people in Slovenia only need to show their health insurance cards. In contrast to German insurance cards, there are no photos on the Slovenian ones, which is why the fraud worked.

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Not an isolated case

The man doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident. According to the news portal “Svet24”, another man is said to have been vaccinated against Corona six times.


Source From: Stern


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