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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Corona incidence at 497.1: RKI reports new record value

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The Covid numbers keep rising. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, an incidence value of almost 500 has been reached.

The Omicron variant relentlessly pushes the fifth wave higher. After the corona numbers had stabilized at a high level before the holidays, they are now rising sharply again. The Robert Koch Institute had to report another record incidence today.

The RKI reports that there have been 497.1 newly confirmed Covid diseases per 100,000 inhabitants in Germany in the last seven days. This means that almost every 200th German fell ill with the Sars-Cov-2 corona virus during this period. Such a high value had not been reached in Germany since the beginning of the pandemic almost two years ago. The value increased significantly compared to the previous week. Last Saturday it was still 335.9.

Sharp increase in infections

The increase can also be seen in the concrete figures. The health authorities reported 78,022 new infections to the RKI over the course of Friday. A week earlier, with 55,889 confirmed new infections, it was significantly fewer. A total of 7,913,473 infections have been detected in this country so far.

However, the number of deaths has fallen. 235 people died yesterday from Covid disease. A week ago there were a little more with 268 people. A total of 115,572 people have died in Germany as a result of an infection with the virus since the beginning.

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Covid-19: This is the situation in hospitals

The increasing numbers are also reflected in hospitalizations. According to the RKI on Friday, 3.23 people per 100,000 inhabitants have been in hospital due to a Covid infection in the last seven days. The value was still 3.09 on Thursday. There were no current values ​​on Saturday, they are not updated at the weekend.

According to research by “Zeit”, 2959 people in Germany are currently in intensive care as a result of corona disease. This corresponds to a decrease of 14 percent. According to the newspaper, around twelve percent of the intensive care beds are occupied by Covid patients.

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