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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Economy captured $ 206,954 million and in November it refinanced 146% of the debt in pesos

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Parallel, 40% of the amount awarded was in fixed rate instruments; a very short-term liquidity bill (Lelites) (maturing on December 15) and an annual nominal rate of 34.65%, and three discount bills (Ledes) with maturities between February and April next year, and rates that rotated around 44% / 45%.

The remaining 18% of the Treasury debt was placed in instruments linked to the US dollar (dollar linked).

With these numbers, in the three tenders of the month, the Economy issued securities in local currency for $ 420,621 million compared to maturities of $ 287,875 million. Therefore, the “roll over” rate was the second highest in 2021 (June 2021 was the highest, totaling 165%).

The National Treasury accumulates, after this tender, an annual positive net financing of $ 576,003 million, which implies a refinancing rate of 118%.

According to the duly informed bidding schedule, next Monday, November 29, the Second Round of the instruments that are part of the Market Makers Program will take place, and on December 13, the first of the two bids scheduled for the last one will take place. month of 2021.

Source From: Ambito


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