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Cryptocurrency mining, what improvements does the liquid immersion cooling system bring?

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SAM, which is also led by the entrepreneur Facundo Casal, became the first Argentine company to successfully set up autonomous Bitcoin mining farms with liquid immersion cooling system. But, what are the different characteristics of these autonomous Bitcoin mining farms?

“One of the main characteristics is that you can have them in your house. It is a small farm, which generates a great monthly return. Does not require constant monitoring. It has all the security equipment. And something very important to note is that there is no risk, compared to other types of farms, which 700 miners are working together in the same one, here there are at most three miners simultaneously”, clarified Martinez.

On the other hand, and already in the analysis of the sector at a general level, the co-founder of SAM said about the problems of mining farms today that energy consumption is very high as it is not sustainable. “We at SAM use the latest equipment on the market in order to use less electricity. That is the light consumption is low and we obtain a greater mining power. Although there are companies that have implemented the use of solar panels, it has been shown that it does not end up being as efficient as conventional energy”, he highlighted.

Regarding the company’s long-term projects, Martínez assured: “The SAM project for the future is the massive installation of farms throughout Argentina, that more and more people join the world of mining of the cryptocurrencies. The biggest challenge lies in reaching people who are not yet internalized in investing in cryptocurrencies and in being able to present them with the business and investment model in an accessible way. and that they join SAM”.

As for the services they offer on the web, the setting up of farms that are self-sufficient and remotely controlled stands out. Import of new and used ASICs equipment, and technical service.

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