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Friday, November 26, 2021

Czech Republic: Zeman with Corona back in the hospital

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The reason is a positive Covid test, reported the radio station “Frekvence 1” on Thursday evening. Allegedly, the 77-year-old, who has already been vaccinated against Corona three times, has so far not had any Covid symptoms, it said.

Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovcacek confirmed on Thursday evening that the president had a positive corona test and was therefore taken back to the hospital. For the time of the treatment, Zeman will interrupt his work program. The official appointment of the head of the conservative Democratic Citizens Party (ODS) Petr Fiala as the new head of government, planned for tomorrow, Friday, will not take place.

“I can confirm that the President will be brought to the headquarters of the military hospital (in Prague),” said Boris Stastny, a doctor from the Senior Home Group, which looks after the head of state after his discharge from the clinic should. He did not want to comment on Zeman’s Covid infection with reference to the doctor’s secret.

77-year-old Zeman has had diabetes for years and is dependent on a wheelchair because of a nervous disease. He also has cirrhosis of the liver. Doctors repeatedly advised him to limit himself smoking and drinking alcohol. He was temporarily in the intensive care unit.

Zeman was supposed to appoint the head of the conservative Democratic Citizens Party (ODS), Fiala, as the new head of government tomorrow, Friday in Lany. Fiala was the top candidate of the electoral alliance Spolu (Common), which won the parliamentary elections in October. Fiala takes the place of the elected prime minister Andrej Babis, billionaire and head of the populist ANO party.

In the future, Spolu – an amalgamation of the ODS, the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and the conservative TOP 09 – and a second alliance, consisting of the left-wing liberal pirate party and the mayor’s party STAN, want to set up a coalition government.

The Czech Republic declared a national emergency again on Thursday due to the rising number of corona infections. The state of emergency enables the government to suspend fundamental rights such as freedom of assembly. In addition, medical students can be obliged to serve in hospitals. Following a cabinet decision, the measure will initially apply for 30 days from Friday.

Source From: Nachrichten


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