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Friday, November 26, 2021

VP investigative committee: ricochets and a rumor

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The advertising affair follows on Ibiza. In the next investigative committee, the three opposition parties, but also the Greens, want to deal practically exclusively with the work of the VP under ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. In addition to the placement of advertisements, it should be about personnel and procurement decisions in VP-led ministries.

The start-up difficulties are also due to the novelty of the “four against one”. The political groups are currently arguing about who should play the important role of procedural judge. The SP wanted the Meidlinger district judge Oliver Scheiber, whom the VP saw as too close to the party and blocked him. Their candidate, Ronald Rohrer, who was already deputy to the procedural judge in the Ibiza committee, Wolfgang Pschl, failed because of the SP no.

The decision is to be made in a new committee of rules of procedure on December 1st. At last the signs were on Pschl, as a broadcast of the ON news revealed. It should be certain that the President of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka (VP), will again assume the office of chairman of the committee despite the opposition from the other parties. The U-Committee is to be officially set up by the National Council on December 16. Then the request for files starts, for the delivery of which the authorities and ministries are given six weeks. David Stgmller, who would like to form the team of the Greens again with Nina Tomaselli, is expecting the first meeting “at the beginning of March”. In the past few days rumors have been circulating that the VP would be working on the preparation of a second U-Committee. The advertising activities of SP-led governments should be processed.

“I cannot confirm such considerations,” said Andreas Hanger in an interview with the ON news. Hanger was a controversial VP parliamentary group leader in the Ibiza committee. Whether he will take on this role again is an open question. But it would be “an exciting job” that would “definitely interest him again,” said Hanger.

Source From: Nachrichten


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