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Die Linke: Candidate Trabert draws parallels to the Nazi era when it comes to poverty

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A few days ago, the left nominated the non-party Gerhard Trabert as a candidate for the election of the Federal President. At the start of the year for the party, the doctor now finds clear words.

The left candidate for the office of Federal President, Gerhard Trabert, drew a parallel to the persecution of Jews during the Nazi era with regard to the social exclusion of poor and refugee people.

At the digital start of the year for the left, the social physician quoted a Jewish youth who died in 1945 in the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp. In his diary, the boy complained that society ignored the fate of the Jews.

Trabert said: “Why this quote? Just as many Germans knew back then what was happening to the Jews, today we know what is happening to refugees in the Mediterranean, in Libyan and Syrian camps. We know how poverty is increasing, we know about the increased death rate of poor people here in Germany too. Comparing the richest with the poorest quarter, poor women die 4.4 and poor men 8.6 years earlier. It’s all a scandal.” The causes lie in economic, social, trade and foreign policy. “We must not stop naming this, this form of structural violence,” said Trabert.

The non-party was nominated by the left this week as a candidate for the election of the Federal President in February. The doctor has been working in the health care of homeless and refugees for decades. He said about the situation today: “The courts also abuse their power to silence criticism in this democracy. We can’t accept that.” Trabert referred to the Frenchman Stéphane Hessel and his criticism of financial capitalism and emphasized that “resistance” to anti-social politics was necessary. The left must also become more profiled.

Source From: Stern


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