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Because of Messi, Neymar and Mbappe: Henry and Carragher advise Pochettino to move

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Does Mauricio Pochettino despair of the defensive refusal of his three tenors to work on the offensive? Two ex-stars advise him to say goodbye.

The two football icons Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry are convinced that Paris Saint-Germain will not win a major title as long as the three top stars Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar continue to refuse defensive work. Coach Mauricio Pochettino is not assertive enough in this regard and has to leave PSG in order to celebrate international successes.

“Pochettino has to leave the club. If he got the chance to go to Manchester United … Well, I would go immediately tomorrow. And that is mainly due to the three stars,” said Carragher in the context of the Champions League coverage CBS. The Argentine Pochettino is according to information from GOAL and SPOX United’s preferred candidate to succeed the recently dismissed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer,.

Henry: Defending with seven players is “impossible”

Henry believes the 49-year-old is currently uncomfortable in his own skin, especially tactically. “Not being able to tell the guys to work back hurts,” said Henry. It cannot be that three players are excluded from defensive work. “In modern football you can’t defend with seven players, that’s impossible. It doesn’t matter who you are,” said the long-time Arsenal and Barcelona star.

Messi, Mbappe and Neymar enjoy every freedom on the offensive at PSG, but hardly work back. A game scene from the Champions League match at Manchester City, which made the rounds on social media via screenshot, made this clear in a remarkable way. And the goals were also a reflection of the tactical mistakes, according to Henry.

“The central defenders were completely exposed,” the 44-year-old was shocked and made it clear: “If you want to win titles as a team, the three in front have to at least look at the ball.” The teams in the French league don’t always have the quality to take advantage of that. “But ManCity can,” said Henry.

Pochettino is the first PSG coach to work with all three offensive stars. The basic problem has been the same for years. “Can the coach set the rules or do the players do it? If at the top the coach is not strong when it comes to how to play it will be difficult,” Henry clarified.

Tuchel and Emery as role models for Pochettino?

It is by no means up to the coaches themselves and Henry particularly emphasized Thomas Tuchel. “Tuchel didn’t manage to defend. They listen to him at Chelsea,” he said, underscoring the successes of Tuchel and Unai Emery after their time at PSG: “Everyone who has left Paris Saint-Germain has won in Europe: Emery and Tuchel. ” This year Tuchel won the Champions League with Chelsea, Emery won the Europa League with Villarreal FC.

Pochettino also has the potential to celebrate such successes, but not at PSG. Because, according to Henry: “Pochettino is not allowed to be Pochettino.”

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