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Friday, November 26, 2021

River lived a party from early with a full Monumental

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Accessing both through Lidoro Quinteros and Udaondo avenues was an accelerated process, due to the anxiety existing in the fans to celebrate a championship that was more than accessible, after the results obtained by their pursuers at the beginning of date 22.

In times of trap, hip hop and other urban rhythms, the indestructible rock music gained space in the worn speakers of the Núñez stage

Monumental Reception .mp4


This is how emblematic songs from Los Redondos (‘Ji Ji Ji’, ‘Angel para tu soledad’), Divididos (‘Ala delta’), Babasónicos (‘Irresponsables’), Los Tipitos (‘ Silencio ‘), Turf (‘ Pasos to the side ‘), La Renga (‘ The end is where I started ‘) and even Almafuerte, (‘ Toro y pampa ‘) who thundered in a stadium that was being completed little by little.

The political climate also began to be felt in a club that will have elections for the renewal of authorities on Saturday, December 4.

The different candidates (Jorge Brito, for the ruling party, and Antonio Caselli, Carlos Trillo and Luis Belli, for the opposition) deployed their strategies to seduce potential voters, hanging parades in the vicinity of the field. In addition to displaying flags in the different stands such as Sívori, San Martín, Centenario and Belgrano.

The first indication to make the adversary “feel the rigor” occurred around 20.20, when the collaborators of coach Fernando Gago and some Racing substitutes began a slow walk towards one of the areas. The screeching was widespread.

The first ovation of the night occurred around 9 pm, when the “Doll” team stepped onto the Monumental lawn to do precompetitive exercises.

The recognition of leaders, such as Leonardo Ponzio, Javier Pinola or Jonatan Maidana, was not long in coming.


While there was a festive climate inside the stadium, in the vicinity of the Antonio Vespucio Liberti the panorama appeared different, with a brawl that originated between people who were struggling to enter (with tickets in hand) and members of the Metropolitan Police who exhibited too much zeal in the control of the accesses. The calm just arrived when the turnstiles were released on the start of the match.

The announcement of the formation by the loudspeakers reaffirmed that Julián Álvarez has a patent as a future idol for the ‘millionaire’ flock.

And that the “Doll” has won the sky, regardless of a favorable result or not. “Olé le, olá lá, Gallardo is from River, from River really” hummed the crowd to decree an unappealable verdict: the continuity of the coach is a fervent desire, beyond the proposals that may arise.

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