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Bayern member Michael Ott criticizes FCB leadership after annual general meeting: “An oath of disclosure”

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Ott had failed with the application to terminate the sponsorship contract between FC Bayern and Qatar Airways. Now he is deeply disappointed.

Bayern Munich’s club member and Qatar critic Michael Ott sharply criticized the way FCB officials dealt with the application he had initiated to quickly end the partnership with Qatar Airways at the annual general meeting.

“. The relationship between FC Bayern and many of its fans continues to crumble,” said Ott in an interview with Sport1. “The appearance of the bosses was quite an oath of disclosure.”

Ott and some other members had initiated an application to terminate the sponsorship contract with Qatar Airways, which was viewed very critically in fan circles, as quickly as possible. However, shortly before the AGM this was rejected by the 13th Civil Chamber of the District Court of Munich I, before the FCB bosses also refused a spontaneous removal at the AGM themselves.

“Even if you don’t allow my motion to be voted on, which I have already found questionable, then you could at least have found a more confident way of dealing with it,” he said: “You could have just presented my motion and got a picture of the mood, or else At the end of the day, I can at least leave my three-minute contribution. “

At the end of the event, the FCB bosses only allowed five speeches, Ott was simply struck off the list, “although I signed up on it long before the meeting started,” he clarified.

FC Bayern – Ott: “An absurdity”

Afterwards, Hainer ended the AGM, with loud boos from the members present. “It was all extremely unsavory, also towards other members with verbal contributions,” said Ott. He also described the fact that the FCB bosses had completely avoided the Qatar debate as “an absurdity”.

However, he also takes something positive from the evening. “The meeting will surely have a longer echo. A clear signal was sent even without a vote on Qatar. Perhaps that will lead to a rethink,” he said.

Hainer had also commented on the criticism of the YHV on Friday and said that he missed proper interaction. “The tonality has to be right, and that wasn’t always the case that evening. We like to sit down with our members at the same table – both sides have to aim for a constructive and fact-based exchange,” he said tz.

This was precisely not the case with Ott, claimed Hainer, referring to the sharp attacks by the legal trainee from Mainz in public. Ott had accused the FCB and those responsible for cowardice and “vile tricks” in dealing with the issue.

“Mr. Hainer has complained that I called the club cowardly,” said Ott: “But how else should one describe the behavior that was also shown yesterday? The gentlemen are simply successful in the debate, completely over gone the way. “

Source From: Stern


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