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Friday, November 26, 2021

TEST of 1More ComfoBuds Pro, connected headphones at a low price

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Since the advent of AirPods and other Galaxy Buds, manufacturers have offered more accessible products without sacrificing audio quality. Among the popular firms are Xiaomi and Jabra. But a third name creeps in there: 1More. We had the pleasure of trying the ComfoBuds Pro and were pleasantly surprised. No need to spend hundreds of euros to enjoy high-performance connected headphones.

Here is what 1More offers with its ComfoBuds Pro

If some black spots slip in there, the test of the ComfoBuds Pro over several days, at home, in the street or in transport convinced us. Take a look back at this astonishing model.

Impeccable audio quality and effective active noise reduction

Let’s start with the most important: the audio quality. As much to say from the outset, ComfoBuds Pro deliver superior sound quality. Because for a mid-range, one could expect a lower quality but this is not the case. It’s simple: at home, in transport or in the street, the ComfoBuds Pro have immersed me. A possible success thanks to the reduction of active noise, in particular. The latter effectively suppresses all annoying noise.

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Whatever the musical genre, rap like progressive rock, pieces of yesteryear, electro, 1More does a superb job in terms of tones. Proof that the manufacturer relies heavily on a balance between genres to satisfy all users. We were won over by the sound of connected headphones as a low price can sometimes hide poor quality. And this is not the case here!

For the microphone, the filter does the bare minimum. Don’t expect too much. Connected headphones allow you to have an audible conversation and you don’t ask for more when you see the efforts made for sound quality.

Stylish charging case and headphones

A beautiful device in a beautiful setting. This is the bet of 1More thanks to a box embedding these two pairs of black colors (a white model exists). There is also a manual in several languages ​​including French. Enough to reach a wider audience.

But for the rest, it’s very good. The box is pleasant to open to discover the ComfoBuds Pro recessed in the slots. Four tips are present to adapt to the ear and a better comfort of use. In terms of aesthetics, the connected headphones and the charging box keep consistency.

Generous autonomy

When it comes to autonomy, the ComfoBuds Pro from 1More are very strong. If you activate noise reduction actif, count 28 hours of listening. When the technology activates, 20 hours. With the charging box, one hour is enough to recover the battery.

And since we are talking about the charging case, two hours are enough to fully charge it. A quick charge allows you to get 2 hours of listening for 15 minutes of charging.

Cherry on the cake : the box has an LED to indicate the battery level with immediately understandable colors (red, orange and green).

During our week of use, the connected headphones have never been low on battery. A big positive point.

An application and touch controls

The ComfoBuds Pro opt for touch: press twice, three times or long. These keys can be configured from an application, available on both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the latter quickly shows its limits in terms of functionality. Hopefully 1More adds some later.

Aesthetic Forming rods, connected headphones sport an elegant look in line with the charging case. An aesthetic pair designed to adapt to the look of the user, in both white and black colors. 7/10
Audio On the audio side, the heart of this product, the ComfoBuds Pro from 1More do a good job. There is an active noise reduction, very rare for this price, and a good quality rendering for a mid-range. We only blame a slightly unpleasant sound when the volume is high (but we do not recommend that you turn it on fully for the health of your ears). 7/10
Autonomy For autonomy, our pair has never been short of battery even during long sessions. Allow up to 28 hours without active noise reduction. Not to mention that the 1More model benefits from a fast recharge allowing you to recover 2 hours of listening in just 15 minutes! 7/10
Conclusion For this end of the year, it’s hard not to recommend ComfoBuds Pro. If the audio quality is not exceptional, it makes sure to do an exemplary job, unbeatable when it comes to quality / price ratio. All coupled with a pleasant aesthetic, technologies such as active noise reduction, fast charging, etc. 70%


Source From: Fredzone


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