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Friday, November 26, 2021

Buy Corona quick test: There are still self-tests here

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The number of new infections has been increasing nationwide for a few weeks – and with it the interest in corona rapid tests for at home. While these were available everywhere in the last few months, you are currently looking in vain for the packaging in many drugstores and supermarkets. But why actually?

The fourth wave has Germany firmly under control: More and more unvaccinated people, but also vaccinated people, are contracting the corona virus. To make sure that friends and families can still be met with a clear conscience, many take a quick test at home or at work. While the test sticks were out of stock almost everywhere at the beginning of the pandemic, it has been possible to stock up on the rapid tests in the past few weeks without any problems – until now. Because suddenly the corona self-tests are no longer available in many shops. And when you’ve finally found one, you’ll quickly notice: the prices have risen noticeably. What does that mean? And where else can you get a corona rapid test?

That is why corona rapid tests are often out of stock

The increasing demand is the reason that the corona rapid tests are suddenly out of stock. Already at the beginning of November it was announced from the pharmacists’ association that the availabilities were becoming critical. “In many places, tests are no longer available,” explained Thomas Preis, head of the North Rhine Pharmacists’ Association, the Rheinische Post. However, this is only a snapshot, i.e. it is assumed that there will only be short-term bottlenecks – which also explains the rising prices. And in retail, too, it is assumed that availability will soon increase again. Until then, you can still get the Corona rapid tests in many online shops and pharmacies. Find out exactly where in the next section.

Corona rapid tests are still available here

Online pharmacies like , and still have corona rapid tests for at home. And also perfumeries like and still have capacities. Many drugstore chains and discounter brands such as or however, they currently have a small quota, so they refer to their branches in the respective online shops where test sticks should still be available – you can find out exactly which ones on the website. And if even internet giants like Having a losing streak, Prime members get over still a corona self-test. But before you stock up on a bulk order, remember that other people want to benefit too. Only buy as many tests as you really need. Otherwise there will certainly be plenty of supplies again shortly.

How to use the Corona self-test

Most corona self-tests are suitable for the so-called nose or throat swab. How the test is used in detail can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions for use. It is important to know that you should always strictly follow the instructions. The more precisely you perform the test, the more accurate the result. If you have done a rapid corona test, you have to wait another 15 to 20 minutes before you can read the result. The following is an example of how to run the use:

If you want to take the sample from your nose, the swab must be inserted into it (at least 1.5 centimeters deep) until you feel a slight resistance. Run the swab four to six times in a circle along the inner nasal wall for 15 seconds – and repeat the process again in your other nostril.

Throat swab
If you would like to take the sample from your mouth, the Robert Koch Institute recommends using a spatula – to press down your tongue. Then you have to wipe the swab along the throat in circular movements without touching the roof of the mouth (or the tongue).

In both cases, the swab is then soaked in the liquid in the extraction tube for at least 15 seconds by twisting it several times and squeezing it (from the outside). When you remove the swab, squeeze the tube again. Then put four to five drops of the liquid into the opening of the test cassette. Finally, wait 15 minutes before reading the result.

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