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Named areas of the Moscow region with the most expensive new buildings

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Among the districts of the Moscow region with the most expensive new buildings are in the lead: Pirogovskoye reservoir, Malinovka-Nakhabino, Shchelkovo, Drozdovo and Krekshino-Sanino. This was reported to Izvestia by Realiste analysts on Friday, January 14.

According to the company, over the year, a square meter in the primary housing market near the Pirogovsky reservoir has risen in price by 60.74% – from 87 thousand rubles in December 2020 to 140 thousand rubles in December 2021.

In the district of Malinovka-Nakhabino, the growth was 56% – from 104.6 thousand to 163 thousand rubles, in Shchelkovo by 50% – from 80.7 thousand to 121.3 thousand rubles, in Drozdovo by 48.2% – from 110.3 thousand to 163.5 thousand rubles, in Krekshino-Sanino by almost 44% – from 146 thousand to 210 thousand rubles.

“A sharp reversal in the downward trend in prices in the market in 2022 can only happen as a result of serious macroeconomic events, new rounds of lockdown, and so on,” said Alexey Galtsev, founder of Realiste, an IT company that evaluates and buys apartments online.

He admitted that only more or less wealthy buyers, accustomed to comfort, would remain on the market. They will choose for transactions those companies that offer the most comfortable conditions for the purchase. For example, among their services will be not only a mortgage, but a mortgage in combination with options for apartments or with the ability to exchange their housing for a new one and get repairs, Galtsev believes.

As the World of Apartments portal reported on January 11, in 2021, new buildings in large Russian cities have risen in price by an average of 32%, to 93.6 thousand rubles per 1 sq. m. m. The price of 1 sq. m. m in Sochi, up to 296.6 thousand rubles. In second place is Krasnodar, where price growth amounted to 83.4% over the year, in third place is Murmansk – +60.3%. At the same time, in Moscow, the “square” has risen in price by 26.5%, to 310,890 rubles, and in the Moscow region – by 39.6%, to 155,466 rubles.

Source: IZ


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